"Creating An Intimate Space For The Soul To Unfold"

Release, Relax, Explore The Depths

Blue Solej  —  

Our Intention Is To Inspire Individuals To See Their Approach To Healing And Intimacy In A New Light... 
Tantra Is A Lifestyle That Acknowledges The Sacredness Within All Aspects Of Your Life

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Peace & Bliss,

My name is Blue Solej, the creatress of Intimacy & Ananda. My purpose had been unfolding since I was a child, always holding space intuitively for others, providing them comfort, nurturement, and wisdom. Of course, there were times in my life that always showed me that my priority to self is important as well. so I strived to create balance, invoke intimacy, and honor my own healing journey. It took many sacrifices, but you'll find your happiness to be worth it. I'm passionate about the connections I create with people, the collective is in need of intimacy as a reminder. In this day and age, you step into a room where everyone is looking at their phones and shutting out the world around them. Exchanges have become shallow and awkward, which is surprising since we are all of the same essences. Feeling authentic exchange rooted in resonance is the purest reflection of living... This is what Intimacy & Ananda is all about, the greatest currency is love.

My Experience As A Spiritual Practitioner​

I've worked with many individuals since 2016, providing a variety of services such as spiritual counseling, sisterhood, psychic chakra readings, reiki, massage, meditation, etc.

Intimacy & Ananda Wholistic Spa Welcomes Everyone From All Walks Of life Who Hold Intentions To Heal And Elevate Themselves Internally. We Provide A Variety Of Divine Offerings Charged With Love, Ayurveda & Tantra, Which Are Both Two Powerful Perspective That We've Integrated Into Many Of Our Treatments. The Relationships We Build Are More Than Just Client To Practioner But From One Spirit To Another, As A Reflection Intimacy & Ananda Is About Creating A Safe Space For The Soul To Unfold. All Of Our Services Are Facilitated With An Intuitive Approach, Therefore Every Exchange Is Uniquely Sacred For Each Individual

Throughout my entire life, I've faced many trials, especially growing up in the city of Philadelphia. I've witnessed my community battling their shadows and unfortunately lacking solutions to their problems. And as a result, many generations have projected their pain, fears, and traumas onto one another. I myself have been down this road of depression, which led me into self-destructive tendencies. It wasn't until I began to embrace intimacy as a lifestyle and act of self-love that I began to feel less alone or misunderstood in this world. I no longer view myself as the victim, I no longer hold onto unhealthy relationships, and I will always provide myself with the necessary self-love rituals because I am worthy. My Intention is to help others cultivate an intimate space within themselves just as I did. And this is attainable through a variety of intuitively guided practices. Inner peace is within us all and once you experience this state of bliss, you will have a personal formula that will enhance your lifestyle no matter the challenges you face

In Love With Your Mere Existence. Intimately Approaching Your Experiences From A Space Of Submission. Present With Every Motion Felt From Within... Sacredness In It's Finest Form

- Blue Solej 


Intimacy & Ananda
Wholistic Spa Offerings


Sacred Spirit Therapy is a realigning session for the chakras. This guided practice cultivates a therapeutic environment for individuals to develop intimacy within themselves through a variety of guided breathing techniques, chakra provoking questions, meditation, and self-initiated energy healing via the marma points. The purpose of this practice is to dive into a space of vulnerability with me as a soul reflection who will receive you without judgment. We will energetically travel back and forth between your past and present versions of self, determined to release, transcend, and gauge your authentic spiritual expression


Energy is the first form of all beings, we operate as a functioning entity of oneness. The soul is merely a microcell expression of this wholesome energy. With that being said, there are different levels we all experience as reflections of this oneness from a macro perspective. This reading is meant to determine the stage of your consciousness (Spiritual age) 

Awareness will provide you with deeper confirmation as to why your life experiences unfold the way they do (Life themes)

You are also welcome to ask 3 questions and I will offer intuitive guidance


We are all made from the universal source but sometimes one may fall short of their own energy reserve and then become in need of an internal recalibration. Reiki is a healing art form that originates from Japan, when an individual has an overflow of energy within themselves due to sustaining internal balance... They are able to help others regain alignment through laying hands of healing upon them as a means to transfer life force energy. Reiki promotes groundedness, relaxation, stress relief, clear blockage, inner peace, and ease physical pain


With my healing hands, I will provide you with a Swedish style massage. An aromatic massage candle will be utilized for lubericating the skin. Heat is a very powerful element for targeting knots and areas of pain within the body. The warm sensation also promotes deep relaxation and blood circulation. Candle wax massage will also aid in healthier skin and sensual pleasure... The perfect stimuli for the Sacral Chakra



With the use of heated Aztec Indian Healing Clay infused with a variety of medicinal oils, Hot Clay Treatment is meant to aid in pain relief for the entire back. During our session, you will lay down as I apply the heated clay and then we will transition into a relaxing meditation as you receive all of the healing benefits

With a Crystal Singing Bowl, I will bath you in the pure essence of sound. Sound Healing benefits your being on all sensory levels, ultimately recalibrating the nervous system, flushing out any blockages, cleansing all 7 chakras, and guiding you within a meditative state of tranquility


I will soak your feet in warm water with a variety of aromatic herbs that will enhance the mind, body, & soul. Your feet reflect how rooted you are, connecting directly to the Root Chakra. Taking the time out to heal your feet is an act of caring for your stability and willingness to sustain a strong foundation within your life. After soaking the feet, I will massage them with nourishing oils


During your spa experience, you will be immersed in the utmost pampering & relaxation. Here's what you can expect...

Hydrating Facial Steam

Nourishing Face Mask

Gentle Face Massage

Relaxing Foot Spa Bath

Foot Massage

Swedish Body Massage

Spiritual Table Shower Cleanse

Time to treat yourself to a well deserved day of self care!!


I will apply a Face Mask made from Ayurvedic herbs that enhance the quality of your skin. A known philosophy in Ayurveda is that "If you can't take it internally then you shouldn't apply it externally". With that being said, I only utilize organic herbal blends that are blessed with harmonious intentions prior to applying to the skin. Once I remove the mask, I will provide a soothing face massage with nourishing oils




Philadelphia, PA

West Philadelphia, 19104

Tel: (215) 253-7915

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